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About us

Dear Visitors,

Our company ANTEA d.o.o. is situated on North Adriatic coast in Rijeka, Croatia, established in April 2004.

Here below please find main activities of our company:

  1. ANTEA d.o.o. is manufacturer of different kinds of units for pump out of black and bilge waters from yachts and boats in marinas and ports, such as:
    • Stationary Pump Out Units
    • Mobile Pump Out Units
  2. ANTEA d.o.o. cooperates with reputable and global market leader for manufacturing of treatment units, filters, oil separators and similar components for wastewaters treatments
    • Chemical-physical units for treatment of wastewaters after washing of boats in marinas and small ports
    • Central Vacuum Stations for collecting of bilge and black waters from yachts in marinas and small ports
    • Desalination units for salt and brackish water – Reverse Osmosis plants
      In order to comply with serious demands and legal requirements with treatment of waste waters it is important to emphasize that above units are nowadays among the most technically developed on the market as well as cost effective and have required warranties and certificates.
      For new fabricated systems or units which need reconstruction and modernization our partners engineers are designing and constructing most suitable systems which are corresponding with technical and commercial requirements of the customers as well as to areas-locations in which designed units will be installed and will operate.
  3. Besides its principal activities on production of pump out units ANTEA d.o.o. organize mobile service teams for repairs and maintenance of different systems and machineries on board all types of vessels, offshore rigs, FPSOs/FSOs and is present with maintenance works in different industrial enterprises. Our company organize professional and competent service teams for travelling and performing repairs on vessels all around the Europe and in the whole Mediterranean basin and upon request is ready to organize teams for providing services overseas and on distant locations (North America, Middle & Far East). 


With its local partners Antea organize different services and repairs on board vessels in ports, shipyards, on anchorage, in navigation, and may response and organize urgent 24/7 interventions in case of damages.

Principal repair and maintenance services on vessels propulsions and machineries include:

  1. Overhauling of Marine Engines
    • Two Stroke Engines: MAN B&W, Sulzer, Wartsila
    • Four Stroke Engines: MAK, Wartsila, Yanmar, Cummins, Caterpillar, MAN, Daihatsu, Deutz, Volvo Penta, S.E.M.T. Pielstick, etc.
  2. Overhauling of turbochargers, heat exchangers, pumps, maneuvering system, distributors, gears
  3. Overhauling and inspection of electrical components: generators, electrical motors, electro automation units and systems, AC units
  4. Overhauling of Governors – Woodward, Regulateurs Europa, Yanmar, Zexel, Diesel Kiki with delivery of genuine spare parts/spare kits from the stock 
  5. Remote Control Systems overhauling – Wabco, Rexroth, Aventics, Nabtesco, Nabco
  6. Service of MAN B&W ME-B/ME-C Engines – Overhauling of Fuel Booster, Cylinder Lubricating Pumps, Pneumatic System, Accumulators, Actuators, Parkers and Proportional Valves, Air Distributor, Overhauling of ELFI/FIVA units and testing on testing desk, Tacho control inspection
  7. Testing of automation and fault detection, electrical/electronic components, etc.
  8. Engine Inspection/Overhaul – Cummins, Caterpillar/MAK, MAN B&W with manufacturer’s SE support including overhauling of turbochargers, fuel injection systems
  9. Engines crankshaft grinding in situ 
  10. Service repairs on vessels deck and hull and special welding and reconditioning include:
    • Special Welding and rewelding with preheating machines; UTM; NDT
    • Certified welders for Duplex SS, Aluminum, Titanium
    • Boilers, Heat Exchangers, Coolers, Condensers, Pressure Containers-Servicing & Repair
    • Welding/Reconditioning of Cylinder Heads, Piston Crowns, Valves Spindles and Seats
    • Pipelines, Hydraulic systems – Maintenance & Repair
    • Underwater Repairs-Welding/Cutting, Leak Interventions, Underwater Hulls and Propellers Cleaning-Polishing
    • Steel fitting/repairs all around the vessel
    • Devcon Composite material – repair and protection, supply of material.

With kind regards,

Danijel Mataija, Mng. Dir.

Antea d.o.o.

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