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About us

Dear visitors,

Our company ANTEA d.o.o. is situated on North Adriatic coast in Rijeka, Croatia, established in April 2004.

Herebelow please find usual activities of our company:

ANTEA d.o.o. is manufacturer of different kinds of units for pump out of black and bilge waters from boats, such as:

  • fixed units
  • mobile units
  • units installed on small working boats

ANTEA d.o.o. commercially represents Italian company B&P Water Technologies S.r.l. in this region, which is reputable and global market leader for manufacturing of treatment units, filters, separators and similar components for waste water treatments.

Company design and manufacture following waste water treatment units:

  • Chemical-physical units for treatment of washing boats waste waters in marinas and small ports
  • Central Vacuum stations for collecting of bilge and black waters from yachts in marinas and small ports
  • Units for collection and treatment of bilge and slop waters from commercial ships in shipyards and comercial and civil
  • Desalination units for salt and brackish water – reverse osmosis plants

In order to comply with serious demands and legal requirements with treatment of waste waters it is important to emphasise that above units are nowdays among the most technicaly developed on the market as well as cost effective and have required warranties and certificates.

For new fabricated systems or units which need reconstruction and modernization our partners engineers are designing and construct most suitable systems which are crresponding with technical and commercial requirements of the customers as well as to areas in which designed units will be installed.

With regards,
Danijel Mataija, Mng. Dir.

Antea d.o.o.

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Contact person: Danijel Mataija, dir.